January 4, 2007

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We get asked all the time - "How do I made a stencil?" If you're interested in the process of how something goes from idea to image, check out Posterchild's "How To" video above.

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March 28, 2006


One of the most talented artists we've ever met is Logan Hicks. Year after year, the shear talent and precision that he shows in his stentcils is remarkable. So we were thrilled yesterday when Logan sent us two time lapse videos that show the process of how he went about creating the piece above this is featured in the Urbis-Artium.com

The first video shows Logan cutting the stencils:

(click above to view)

And this second video shows Logan painting the layers:

(click above to view)

In June, Logan will be hitting Beiging and Shanghai as part of the K-Spray stencil tour

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March 17, 2006


Click on the link below to see more suggestions from Wooster readers on how to "Go Big"

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March 16, 2006

So each week we always receive one or two email asking us how artists make their work so fucking big. As we head into another round of "Wooster's How To..." we thought we'd reach out to all of you to see if you could anser Dan's question below. Please email you answers to woostercollective@gmail.com

Here's what Dan wrote in....

"hey my names dan i live in australia

umm i am interested in like wheat pasting
(even though i hav neva done it be4)
but i was just wondering

how the fu*k do u make the stencil so big ? ?

like how do u print it out soo big ? ? ?

i want to paste up a pik on a billboard like 10 metres froma train station
and i need 2 do it quick andget out of there fast

but i wanta big stencil

and i hav no idea how 2 make it soo big

please help

What should dan do? Email us at woostercollective@gmail.com

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March 14, 2006


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March 8, 2006


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March 7, 2006


Check after the jump to see how this was made

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March 6, 2006


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First of all: Before starting a career as a graffiti artist you have to make sure to have another income than your art to live for over a long period of time and maybe even for the rest of your life.... This is the best way to keep your work free from any parasites or bad influences from people who dont care about you as an artist but only about their own benefits of YOUR work.

Secondly: Do not trust anybody on the first sight. You will be tempted to work with the devil under his glamourously shining conditions. You might be given money, limousines and great PR but once awake you will be naked and without your soul. The most important loss wil be your own artistical authenticity . You believed in the freedom of street art, you were excited to participate in the most important art movement of modern times and you end up like every normal artist making exhibitions showing powerless and boring pictures having lost the genuine values that you fighted for in the streets.

Thirdly: Dilemma or how to find reliable people in the fast moving world of street art. It is as it has always been. Even if you are not Picasso, the relationship that he had with his art dealer "Kahnweiler" can be a good guide line.They worked together for over sixty years trusting each other and everyone got his part of the cake. On one hand Picasso was lucky to deal with someone who believed in his art, which was certainly the reason that Kahnweiler was such a good seller and on the other hand Kahnweiler had the great chance to support and to participate in the carreer of the painter .Of course history is never the same and we should not try to rebirth the same shemes but believe and live out our own history. This is not about history of art but about history of the human beeing in terms of depth, maturity, constancy, sincerity and honesty.

Fourthly: It is therefore impossible to judge someone's credibility within a short period of time as an artist's life is full of ups and downs. Although the downs may be the darkest periods of your life they are certainly the richest ones regarding the human value of people who you were flattered by before when you were in the lights.

Fifthly: The ligths of the city quickly go out!!! and how to switch them on? It is in the cold of the darkness when you are alone and looking for someone and the way out back to the lights of success that your conscience is being cleaned because free of the blinding pollution of success. Your pain will turn into a new creativity. And you should never forget the old law of nature that after a down always comes an up...

Blek le rat

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March 2, 2006

Bor*d's "How To Stencil Cells"

1: Find a scanning electron microscope. Any of your local university should have one in the basement or you can even find a used one on ebay.

2: Hack it into a printer for printing microscopic pictures...


3: Draw your elaborate stencil – here you see a rectangle as an example.

4: Translate the picture into a language of the microscope - electrical potential. Each pixel has two coordinates…


5: The other supplies can be also easily found: silicon wafers, a dropper, tweezers, etc. Prepare a solution of plastic.

6: Using the dropper, place one drop onto rotating wafer – this makes super thin plastic film.


7: Using the set of positions from (4) use the electron beam in the microscope as a very precise x-cto knife.

8: And here we go - the microscopic rectangular stencil.


9: So the stencil is cut, now let's get the paint - skin cells, bacteria… whatever you have on hand. This is a cell on a flat surface after it gets deposited from the liquid.

10: After a while the cell starts growing and spreading over an unrestricted surface.


11: Now place the micro-stencil into a liquid with the living cells. The cell grows only in the micro-stencil, shaping into the rectangle.

12: Two cells filling up the micro-stencil. For more info visit www.ilovebored.com.


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There was a time when caps weren't sold, back then you had to move your ass to find some skinnies, some fats... and rubbed it in shops: each one was so precious, you had to took care of it. Nowdays, you can find it in bag of 100 ! So for the purists or for the thrifty here is a way to clean your caps ... Jace

1/ never throw your old caps


2/ Collect them all in a box


3/ Steal a peanut distributor in your favorite bar. and decant all your overcast caps in it


4/ Then fill it with trichloroethylene


5/ You could snif some vapors of that shit if you wanna travel for free or wanna die younger


6/ Shake the all stuff, then insert coins (that you, of course, get back at the end of each month)


7/ Alleluia ! Your caps is cleaner than ever


Now, it's time to get out ...

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More on Lepos here

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March 1, 2006

"A long time ago I decided to made stickers of television sets and use them to replace the heads of people in street signs. After spending some time and a bunch of money to have the stickers made, I set out to have some fun.It didn't take long to realize that almost all of the signs were out of my reach.... and I'm a pretty tall guy. The signs always seem so close to the ground whenever I drive by them! Necessity being the mother of invention, I found a simple way to fix the problem.

Here's how to do it:

1. Buy a "Mr. Longarm" Smart System Paint Edger from any hardware store.... Home Depot is where I got mine. These things are made to neatly paint the edges of walls and ceilings.


2. Screw it onto a telescoping rod. Some rods are small enough to fit under your coat or in a bag.


3. Cut a short piece of wire and use needle nose pliers to curl the ends. These ends will act as clips to hold your sticker and curling them will prevent them from cutting your stickers.


4. Bend the wire around the back of the Edger and under the plastic wheels. The curled ends should wrap over the top edge and down onto the paint pad.


5. Peel your sticker.


6. Nudge it sticky side out under the curled edges of wire.


7. Extend the rod and slap your sticker on! Push up to release it from the wire clips and smooth the sticker out with the paint pad.


8. Stand back and marvel at the fine work you've just done... but not for too long, there're plenty more sticking that needs to be done!


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ts pretty straight foreward, and it doesnt take much time to make a paint
bomb, but its lots of fun.


You need a used light bulb (usually screw fittings are the best), small hammer, screwdriver, stanley knife, pvc tape, clay or similar and of course some paint.


1. remove metal top, by cutting to vertical linesfrom the edge of the
fitting, then remove.


2. snap the little glass cylinder on the inside of the bulb.


3. place bulb on a soft underlay, and make a hole in the inside glass divet by gently hitting the screwdriver with the hammer.


4. fill with paint.


5. seal the hole on top of the bulb. Clay works quite well for this. Then replace the meta; fitting, and seal with pvc tape.

6. go and throw your paint bomb at a nice white wall.

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February 28, 2006


City workers get paid to maintain the order of the outside space, that space, which functions for the public. If you live or work in a city you will probably ignore a few of these guys or girls every day on your way from home to work. Dig into your memory........, Can you remember any of there faces or what they were doing (unless they were "cat calling" you)? The nature of their job and position in society has given them the power of invisibility, whether they want it or not. The construction vest is a tool to fool the ages. Especially if your installing city property. cheeky. hocuspocus. presto chango.

So get our there and touch your city. Here are a few examples of what I have done.

Civil Servant, Brad Downey


Endless Column in Context, 2005
Location: London near Goodge street Station
Duration: 3 days,
This piece was taken down live on BBC radio. I tried
to call in and join in the discussion. But, they did
not believe I had installed it and promptly hung up on
me. thems the breaks.


The Tree, 2005
Location: London, near Euston station
Duration: 1 week,
This piece was one of the few I ever installed at night. My friend Matt Murphy who is an amazing painter is helping me on this one.


The Orifice, 2005
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Duration: 9 months and surprisingly still standing
My father is pictured in this one.

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February 27, 2006

Plastic bags that fly around in the wind are a lot of fun to watch but once they become lodged in tree branches, they don't do much. With this in mind, I made some tape giraffes to eat this debris. Following is a "how to" for making one of these city-friendly animals.


1. Get a giraffe


2. Wrap the giraffe in clingfilm

3.Tape over it with packing tape and interbed plastic strips for added support


4. Release giraffe cast using a pair of scissors or razor knife.

5. Tape back together.


Note: Depending on how tall the trees are in your city lengthen neck accordingly.


Kids pet too:


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Step 1.

Realise that cigarettes are a form of slavery, and make the decision not to suck corporate tobacco company cock any more. Those companies give thousands, if not millions, of dollars in support to George W Bush's regime - why do you think, when the government banned you from taking nail files and knitting needles on airplanes after 9/11, they didn't ban you from taking matches and cigarette lighters, despite a terrorist trying to set fire to explosives in his shoe? Tobacco company pressure, that's why. Those bastards WANT you to light up as soon as you get off a plane. If you have enough money you can even buy the rights to put thousands of lives at risk. God Bless America!

Step 2.

stop putting cigarettes in your mouth and lighting them.

Congratulations! You've just freed yourself from slavery!! Now enjoy noticing that you have more energy, get more done, that smokers breath stinks like a dead dogs, and that people compliment you on how happy and healthy you look. Rejoice!! It's amazing to be free!!

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One of the things we love most about doing the Wooster Collective website is that we are contantly learning new things from it.

We know from the emails that we receive that people come back to the site each not only to get inspired, but also to learn new things. Almost every day someone emails us asking how to do various things that they see on the site but don't know how to do... It ranges from how to make a sticker, how to create wheat paste...how to hit a high spot... etc

So, in follow-up to our past series including "A Day In The Life", "Give 'Em Props" and "My Workspace", we thought it would be cool to reach out to a group of our favorite people around the world and start a new series of posts on the Wooster site called "Wooster's How To...."

Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting a series of tips on how to do one single thing. Some will be art related. But many will not.

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