Wooster On Paper #1: All My Friends Are Made of Paper Book by Armsrock

All My Friends Are Made of Paper is a monograph of works by Armsrock.  Printed in 2007 by Wooster it is the first book in the Wooster On Paper series.  The cover is hand screenprinted by the book designers, Thundercut.

Swoon wrote the introduction and Armsrock wrote accompanying text. The book showcases his drawings, the resulting wheat pastes and chalk figures that he put on the streets. Most of the people Armsrock paints are the homeless and downtrodden living on the streets of the city.  He believes that by putting them back on the street as larger-than-life images they receive more attention than the actual people whom people walk past every day. 

All My Friends Are Made Of Paper
A Survey of the Work of Armsrock
With An Introduction By Swoon

Limited Edition of 2000
96 Pages | Color
Hand Screenprinted Cover
Softcover | 6.5” x 8.5”

Price: $25.00 USD
Shipping US: $6
Shipping EUR: $19