• December 17, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

ZONENKINDER’s Best of 2005

Favorite Event of 2005:

an exciting painting session at a “wagenburg” (it`s a conglomeration of wagons where especially young people - mostly punx - test alternative forms of living…`cause Punks can`t live in a tenement yard, you know?! ) near frankfurt near the train line. (picture punkerwagen)we have never had such a fast painiting session (unbelievable: we even did´nt smoke cigarettes/joints)...after donna nearly lost her right hand by the attack of an aggressive dog, the punx were sitting around a fireplace, drinking alcoholic stuff in the morning, laughed, backbited…but when we finished our work, they became quiet and asked us for another piece…this was wonderful.


Favorite Artist(s) of 2005:

marc ryden, the master of the twilightzone, blu

Favorite New Artist of 2005 (an artist who you did not know of last year):

there are quiet a lot new favourites (as you can see on our fotolog) but this one is unquestionable one of the best: matchew

Favorite Piece of Art of 2005:

there are also tooooo many to name but maybe this one on the left (the poster on the right has been added by us immediately after we saw this exciting, awesome poster made by ??)- it has been shot in berlin-fiedrichshain


Favorite New Product or Trend of 2005: 

la mancha: a fine bottle of wine from the plus-supermarket for incredible 1.29Euros wink 

Favorite Toy of 2005:

a borrowed button “bench” press - handmade buttons are a personal and cheap christmas present and a quite cooler activity than knitting in the winter evening smile


Favorite CD or Song of 2005:

Michael Rose - “African Roots”. if you love reggae and you don`t know it, go get it. it´s a must.

Favorite Website of 2005:

http://hnteuropa.free.fr/ - the photography-aspect is different in nature to
other “only”-graff-sites on the web and that´s why we love it!
What do you most want for Christmas?

a new radiant heater cause the old one is striking lights and this may be dangerous (someone told me..)and a tasty/good vegetarian meal.

How will you be spending the Holiday’s this year? / What will you be doing for New Years Eve?

we´re very glad that we`ll visit Lisbon before christmas…if you are also
there - contact us and we can meet for a beer or something…(www.fotolog.net/zonenkinder )

What are you most looking forward to in 2006?

being part (via some canvases) of the bright skateboard fair in frankfurt and for sure: our first solo-exhibition in february. we will keep you informed!