• September 14, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Zeila - A Wooster Profile

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/>Zeila - A Wooser Profile
Age: 27
Hometown: Sao Paulo - Brazil
Where do you now live?: Sao Paulo - Brazil
style="font-weight: bold;">Where would you most like to live?: The
streets of the city of Sao Paulo are a shelter, an immense canvas of work.
/>Who was your first “hero” in life?: My
What is your favorite thing to do
on your day off from work?
To paint, to create, to produce!  To be with
my son and to take a beer very frozen with the friends…perfect!
style="font-weight: bold;">What is your favorite color?: I prefer the
colors primary, especially the blue one.

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/>Who (or what) do you love?:

I love
my Bianca son, I love some people who are always of my side supporting me, I
love when my work provokes some sensation in the people…

and/or what are some of your influences?

Well… Lautrec, Mordillo, Mutarelli, Kandinsky, Keith Haring, Andy
Warhol, Basquiat… and very same Miro!

What other artists do
you most admire?

Banksy, Arthur de
Pins, the Twin, Viche, Herbert, Cha, all the 11 artists of street art collective
“Lambdalambs” (that I am member) and many others…

How would
you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

style="font-weight: bold;">My art is simple, searchs references in the rupestres
registrations and the infantile trace.  Few people understand the message who I
look for to transmit, but taste of this.

What other talent
would most like to have?

talent is difficult!  But I find that I know to deal well with the people, to
make friendships… I am very comunicativa.

What do you fear
the most?

I have fear that they do
not understand me, as much as artist, as much as a person in the

What is your greatest ambition?

I want to see a world evolved intellectually, promoting art
and culture, giving value to that really would have.  It will be that it is to
ask for excessively?

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