• March 4, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Wooster Podcast #4: Swoon, Dan Witz, Matha Cooper, Skewville, and More

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Day, Another Podcast”

Today’s Wooster podcast features an
amazing group of artists including Swoon, Dan Witz, Martha Cooper, Skewville,
Alex from the Monster Project, Michael DeFeo, Anera, Abe Lincoln, Jr, Alice
Arnold, Vinnie Ray, and Ryan Watkin-Hughes.

The audio, sent to us by
Michael DeFeo. is a recording from a terrific panel discussion that we
participated in back in December called “Street Scene: Documenting Street Art”
It was part of the Small Press Book Fair here in Manhattan. The moderator was
Justin Armstrong, an anthropologist and artist from Canada.

It’s a
long podcast today, but it’s really really informative and interesting.

/>WOOSTER PODCAST #4: “Street Scene: Documenting Street Art”
Date Recorded:
March 4, 2005
Length: 50 min 7 seconds

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