• December 13, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Wooster on Spring - The Ultimate Art Time Capsule

The other day we wrote that one of the fundamental principles of the project was that after the three days all of the work would be destroyed rather than sold. There’s a couple of things that we should clarify and add…

First, in regards to the art being “destroyed”, the word “destroyed” is perhaps not telling the whole story.  What’s actually going to happen is much more interesting then that.  As many of you know, there’s a tradition in construction to leave a newspaper in a wall during the construction process to create a sort of time capsule.  Most people who have renovated a home or building have great stories about finding things from decades, or even centuries before, in the walls of their buildings.

So after the Wooster on Spring exhibition, all of the interior walls of 11 Spring will be covered during the construction process. 11 Spring will become one of the most fascinating art time capsules in history. We love the fact that two hundred years from now, a brick might fall out to reveal an original piece creared by Lady Pink, Shepard, Swoon and 35 other incredible artists.

Second, to put your mind at ease, all of the artwork will (and has been) meticulously documented.  Over the last seven weeks we invited lots of photographers and videographers to film the artists creating the work and after the show is over all of the work will be photographed and archived.