• January 9, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Wondering Where We’ve Been - An Explanation


Sometimes life throws you curve balls when you least expect it. 

For Sara, Samantha, and I, this has been one of those times.

As most of you know, while the Wooster Collective site often appears to be bigger than it is, it’s never really been anything more than a small personal blog. But that small personal blog has been something that for over seven years we’ve updated almost every day without fail.  We update it with new inspiring images every day not because it’s something that we feel like we have to do, but rather, because it’s something that we want to do. It’s something we love.

To explain why we haven’t updated the site in the last few days - a very close family member has unexpectedly become gravely ill.  We received the news on New Years Eve and ever since that moment have been supporting our family and close friends away from home in Los Angeles.

Sometimes you don’t fully realize how much a part of your life something is until you begin to lose it. Right now words cannot express what we’ve been feeling in our hearts so we won’t even begin to attempt to describe it. It’s been a very sad and trying time for us and we so greatly appreciate everyone’s kind and loving words of support. 

We do expect to be back full speed next week.

With Much Love,

Marc, Sara, and Samantha