• January 10, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Who Needs CNN When You Have The T-Bird

One of the favorite characters that we met during the three days of Wooster on Spring was a dude with a video camera named The T-Bird.  His laid back style and humor reminded us a bit of Ricky Powell, and we thought that the little doc he would create about 11 Spring would be something like Rappin’ With The Rickster

This afternoon T-Bird sent us a link to the video above and we like it a lot.  It pokes some fun at the whole street art hype and will probably give people who want to hate street art a bit of ammunition to hate it even more.  It’s a bit goofy and that’s why we like it.

As for the short clip of me (Marc) in the video, it made me realize just how much the lack of sleep created this amped up quality in me during the three days.  Like I was on speed or something.