• November 18, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

What The Hell Happened To The Vitamin F Podcasts?

We’ve received a ton of email asking us what
happened to the VitaminF mixes that we posted every Friday.  They ended abruptly
the other week with no explanation.

So here’s what happened - the
project was set to end at the end of the Summer. But because everyone liked them
so much, and since more artists wanted to do them, we extended the series and
kept it going.  Each week Vinnie Ray would put them together with the artists
and then send them to us.  We, Wooster, were supposed to do the last one in the
series.  But we then went to Argentina and have been struggling to find the time
to put ours together.  We fucked up (But hey, its not the first time)

/>So hold tight - another one is definately coming.  For the Winter the series
will be on hiatus.  Not to worry though, we’ll come up with something new and
different.  Something just as cool.

So first, to Vinnie Ray - a
massive thank you for putting this series together!  To all of the artists who
put their mixes together for us - you’re the best.  To all of you who listened
to them and sent in emails letting us know how much you liked them…. thanks
ever so much!