• April 7, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Whaleless - An Explanation


Artist: Andrea

Our friend Pure Evil in London, let us know that the Italian magazine PIG has put together project for Greenpeace in which they are inviting artists to contribute Whale related images to bring attention to the plight of whales around the world. Here’s the info from PIG:

A charity project for Greenpeace, it’s called Whaleless:

I’m asking artists and creative people to imagine how could be a world without whales and describe it, or describe how could be killed the last whale or anything related you think can make people understand that whales must be protected and not killed (there are 5 areas: images, text, audio, video/animation, advertising…or mixed media…maximun freedom of creativity). Projects collected will hopefully be printed in a book + dvd and the income will go to greenpeace italia. Some of the works will be published monthly in the Pig magazine too.