• March 29, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

We Are All Global

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We Are All Global
is a cyber-installation artwork by "http://www.cinquehicks.com">Cinque Hicks that will premier in Austin this
April. By asking individuals to upload photos of themselves and share their
environments, the goal is to create a community of “Global Nomads” connected via
the web to be broadcast as part of the installation. If you’re inclined, post a
picture and a few words. And if you’re in Austin, Texas check out the premier,
Saturday, April 19th at Republic Square Park (4th and Guadalupe.)  Here’s
Cingue’s artist statement:

Open your curtains,
throw back your blinds. What’s outside your window right now? “We All Are Global
Nomads” invites you to answer this question and join a virtual tribe of world
citizens, moving from country to country, city to city, free and without regard
for national boundaries.

“We All Are Global Nomads” is a real-world
installation artwork scheduled to appear in parks, town squares, and public
spaces around the world. By submitting your photo online and telling the world
what’s outside your window, you become part of this artwork as it travels from
Texas to San Francisco to Thailand to Montreal to South America and beyond. Open
your window, join the tribe.”