• June 10, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Vinyl Killers 2 Report from Klutch

“Heres a few pics of the Vinyl Killers shows. Big
crowds showed up, at least 15 (and maybe more ?) artists travelled in for the
weekend, the DJ’s put on a great show both nights, lots of vinyl was sold (and
saved from the landfill), and the beer flowed freely until the early morning. 
Hopefully there is a crop new stencil fans in Portland and we will begin to see
the inspiration flow into the streets.

The show is up all month at
both Zeitgeist and Liberty Hall and there will be a closing party at Zeitgeist
on Friday June 25th.

Complete show photos and online sales should be
on www.vinylkillers.com by this

Peace, klutch








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