• May 21, 2013
  • Posted by Sara

Video Painting Refugee Portraits in Israel

Repopulate -- Blake Shaw Video Painting Tel Aviv / Jerusalem 2013 (THE BRIDGE Preview) from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.


In April 2013 Blake Shaw traveled to the Occupied Palestinian Territory for his first trip to launch "The Bridge", a new telecommunication art project to facilitate real-time artistic collaborations amongst people across borders using 'Nomad.OS' a live-streaming software he is currently developing.

In this video he takes portraits of refugees from Balata, Al-Jalazone, and Al-Am'Ari refugee camps and uses video painting to paint their portraits onto historical sties in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the old city of Jaffa in an effort to symbolically return the image of these refugees to their ancestral homes.

Video Painting is a technology developed by Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy aka SWEATSHOPPE that uses custom interactive software, video projection, and electronic paint rollers outfitted with LEDs to create the effect of painting videos on walls. The technology allowshttp://vimeo.com/65691265 them to explore the relationship between video, architecture, and mark making and create video collages in real-time.