• October 21, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

UPDATED: DAZE, ROKE and PRIEST Peel Back History in Birmingham, Alabama

Wes writes:

“I live in Birmingham, AL and while there is not a lot of street art we sometimes receive a gift like this. Nn 1978 a mural was painted on the side of this building and it stayed that way until a few months ago when realtors decided they wanted to rent the building. DAZE and ROKE (both bham artists), and PRIEST (of Mobile, AL) a few days ago did the piece below showing the kid peeling off the paint to once again reveal the mural underneath.”


From John Morse, the photographer who shot the original photo:

“I’d like to add a bit of information to the article posted this morning about the work of DAZE, ROKE and PRIEST in Birmingham. The original mural, entitled “Geo-Chromatic Progress” was painted in 1978 by Michael Mojher, now living in Orlando, Florida. It was part of the Birmingham Mural Project, an 18-month campaign to enliven downtown walls with the cooperation of underemployed artists. The project was funded by the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act and administered by the Greater Birmingham Arts Alliance.”

Photo by John Morse
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