• October 8, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

UPDATED: An Open Letter to Tokion and the Creativity Now Speakers and Moderators


Cory Arcangel, Grégoire Basdevant, Alex Burnard, Ron Galella, Doug Holroyd, Eli Horowitz, Jerry Hsu, Mitchell Hurwitz, Chris Johanson, Kim Jones, Natas Kaupas, Jason LaBeach, Jason Lee, Christian Marclay, Matmos, Patrick McMullan, Mike Mills, Phil Morrison, Os Gemeos Proenza Schouler, Graham Rounthwaite, Justin Theroux, Olivier Zahm, Wonder Showzen, David Cross, Carlo McCormick, Glenn O’Brien, Stephen “ESPO” Powers, Greg Foley Chris Pastras, John Cameron Mitchell

We believe that creativity emerges from people of all cultures, races, and backgrounds. 

We believe that organizations who are representing and delivering a vision of “CREATIVITY NOW” should ensure that a diverse collection of voices are presented.

We believe that media organizations have an obligation to ensure that society does not perpetuate stereotypes of the past where only men were embraced as creative forces.

By not including a single female voice as a participant in this year’s Tokion Creativity Now Conference, we believe that a message of inequality and sexism will be inherently delivered to the attendees of this years conference.

Because of this, we urge all speakers and attendees to withhold their participation at this weekend’s Creativity Now Conference until and unless Tokion and the organizers of the Creativity Now Conference ensure that woman are included on the speakers list.


Sara and Marc Schiller (The Wooster Collective), Taylor Twist, Nicholas Di Genova, Michael DeFeo, Mike Midden, Heather Rasley, Joseph Johnston, Simon Rydén, Leon Reid, Josh Mountain, Marko ZETS Prpic (BOONIKA editor), Florian Scharinger, Francisco Kemeny (CHIlE), Kastro, Topias Dean, Jonathan Morris, derrick taruc, Chris Palmeri, Norma V Toraya, joe thomas, Ryan Ford, Jen Bekman, Roy Reid, Annette Musick, Kristopher Whitman, Jeremy Dabrowski, Evan Silver, Jan Clamor, Scott Reinhard, Javier del Castillo, APA, rekal, Alek Shnayder, Biroe, the dark, Wes Harden, Frederic Henry, Melissa Bays, daniel müller, Alice Taylor, Abel Coelho, 2H, Dan Goldstein, Beau Gunderson, Faesthetic magazine, Jesse Edwards, Vinnie Smith, mickie quick, Kuan-Jian Foo, neil.dowling, Max Green, Gilles Manera, Keren Fleischer, Magnus Klang, Sabine Druce, cutter skink, ROLANDO DAVID, Ruby Gold, Jode Trumbull, Tamara Redondo, Jacquie Hooper, Pia De Bruyn, Maragaret De Bruyn, Asha Duggan, Em Victoria, Sam Jones, Christie Rohr, Gord Spence, Arie Musil, L Vascons, Heather Hayden, sean salmon, Beejoir, Pam and Jon Vogel, chase maclaskey, Paddy Johnson, DRYPNZ, Jamie Shoop, Julia Truelove, Bs.As.Stncl, Fabienne Serriere, Anthony Smyrski, Hallfridur Birnir, The Killer Gerbil, Maria Antonia Moser Ruello, Thorsten Gültekin, Mikaela D. Martin, Avery Cain Fritz, M. Jason Radosky, Rodney Fritz, Leanne DeGendre, Aren Anthony Fritz, io, Simon Quai, Malorie Bennett, Billy Bicket, brian antosz, Daniel Weise, Kalene Rivers, david hunter, Will Hamilton, Jordan Chatwin, Stephen Eichhorn, Chris Wright, Francisco Galárraga, Alison Kreitzberg, Daniella Curry, Lucie Eder,  ...

(Readers of the Wooster Collective website who would like to support this request can add their names to the Open Letter by emailing us at woostercollective@gmail.com)