• February 12, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Tristan Manco’s Street Logos Is A Great Book


If we had to choose only one art book to buy this year, our pick would
be Tristan Manco’s latest work for Thames and Hudson, href="http://www.streetlogos.com">Street Logos.  We’re absolutely blown away
by how good it is.  There are a lot of really good books out there on street
art, but Tristan’s book is the first really great one.  With Street Logos,
Tristan has evolved his thoughts on street art first developed in Stencil
Graffiti. He presents a series of artists in five separate sections - Signs,
Iconographics, Logos, Urban Characters, and Free-Forms.  As he describes it in
the intro:

The best thing about Street Logos is that Tristan
has once again managed to discover a whole group of new artists. At the same
time the book showcases some amazing work by many artists who you may already
know.  “Current graffiti art is more reflective of the world around it.
Using new materials and techniques, its innovators are creating an original
language of forms and images infused with contemporary graphic design and
illustration. Fluent in branding and graphic imagery, they have been replacing
tags with more personal logos and shifting from typographic to iconographic
forms of communication. Subverted signs, spontaneous drawings, powerful symbols
and curious characters represent an unstoppable worldwide outdoor gallery of
free art.”

The best thing about Street Logos is that once
again Tristan has managed to discover a whole group of new artists.

/>What artists are in the book? 

Naw, that would be no fun if we
were to tell you.  Get a copy when you can and find out.

Logos is a book we can’t stop talking about it.