• December 25, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Trash Art…. (Send Us Your Photos)




While attempting to clean out our inbox this morning, we came across the images above which were sent to us way back in February by Iban in Barcelona. 

Looking at the photos it occurred to us…

Wouldn’t it be cool if more people picked up a marker or a spray can and made their trash (or that of others) a little more fun, interesting and creative while it sits on city streets before it’s hauled off to the dump. 

We’d love to create a portfolio of “trash art” so as you throw away your trash today, or walk by the of others in the days and weeks to come, think about picking up a pen or a can and making it a bit more creative. Send us your snaps and we’ll post them on the Wooster site. 

Could make fore an interesting collection of images from around the world….


On this Christmas day when so many boxes and trash will be collected on streets around the world, it occurred to us that it would be really cool if more people did what these artists did and made their trash a little more fun,