• December 30, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Top Dollar Garbage




As we begin to sort through the trash art photos from around the world (see the previous post here) this story from Rene Gagnon caught our eye. He tells us…

“Being someone who loves working on the street i’m also someone who is constantly searching for ways to do it legally, it hit me a few weeks ago, peoples trash. some stuff gets picked up quickly, but bulky items sit around awhile and are great opportunities to get my art on the street. this “top dollar garbage” thing is a statement about the value we put on things because there is a pattern associated with it, coach, gucci, doony and bourke, louis voitton, etc… because of this i thought “maybe people will put value on trash, because there is a “top dollar” pattern on it”, probably not but thought i might make someone think of how ridiculous the whole thing is.”