• October 12, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Tokion Update and Using Jen’s List As A Resource (We Will Be)

We’re extremely pleased to see that early this morning Tokion Magazine announced an additional set of speakers for the Creativity Now Conference, and as we had sincerely hoped, the list does now finally include some amazing woman who will be speaking this weekend. 

Bravo to Tokion for addressing this situation. We can imagine that it wasn’t an easy week for them, and we do hope that they have a terrific conference this weekend.  (You can learn more about the Creativity Now Conference by clicking here.)

Equally important - one of the things that we really liked that came out of the discussion this week is that there is now exists a terrific list - contributed to by people from all over the world - of incredible creative women in arts, fashion, design, etc. Jen Bekman has published the list on her Personism blog. Our hope is that….

(a) the list grows as more people contribute to it.
(b) organizations and conferences use it as a resource when planning events
(c) that people (including us) begin to research and learn more about the woman who are listed.

In the coming days and weeks we’re planning on educating ourselves more about many of the women on the list and we will be showcasing them here on the Wooster site.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who sent us emails this week about this issue - both positive and negative.  We’ve been on the road and it wasn’t possible to respond to everyone who wrote us.


Sara and Marc