• April 19, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

THEN IT HIT ME - An Explantion (Sort of)

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guess it was last Summer when we first came across the Marilyn Monroe posters

“THEN IT HIT ME. I was not going to be famous. I won’t
get to be a rock star. I am going to be stuck on the payroll doing work that
doesn’t interest me for a very long time. “

The posters struck a cord
not only with us but many others. So recently we were contacted by the artist,
Marilyn, and we asked for an artist statement about the work.

what we were told:

THEN IT HIT ME is just an honest concept. My only
motivation behind it was a dead-end job. Really, anyone could do it! PROTECT

Recently Trigger Magazine did an interview with the
artist.  You can read it href="http://www.triggermagazine.com/Issue3/columns/10with/thenithitme.html">her

You can also learn more at the artist’s website href="http://www.thenithitme.com/">here.