• February 22, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

The Story Behind The Photo… (And the reason behind why Sara hasn’t been drinking much wine lately)



Over the last couple of days, Sara and I have received a ton of wonderful compliments about a portrait of the two of us that is included in the most recent issue of GOOD Magazine. 

Everyone has been saying that Sara looks absolutely radiant in the photograph. 

And I couldn’t agree with them more. 

But there’s a story behind the photograph that we haven’t yet shared with many people yet, so we thought we’d share it here now….

That morning before heading over to Timothy Greenfield-Sanders studio in the East Village, Sara and I found out the most wonderful news - that Sara is pregnant with our first child. 


The due date is August 3rd and we couldn’t be more thrilled and excited.

So during the whole Wooster on Spring project we kept the baby news a secret and in many ways this made the whole event even more enjoyable, and emotional, for us. 

Spending that day at Timothy Greenfield-Sanders studio was absolutely wonderful. After seeing the first Polaroid, Tim looked up at us, smiled, and said “We’ve got it! Now let’s take a couple more just to have some fun” 

Seeing Tim smile like he did, Sara and I looked at each other and smiled too.

In her eyes, I could see that this was going to be one of the best days in her life. 

Mine too.

(And one thing is clear - this kid is going to grow up with the most amazing group of “aunts and uncles” one could ever ask for. )