• August 17, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

The Return of Roadworth

“I just wanted to fill you in a
little bit on what’s been happenin’ with me lately. Most recently, I received a
permit from the city of Montreal via the Quartier Epehemere, an abandoned steel
foundry that was converted into an art gallery about four years ago, to make a
bike path connecting a pre-existing bike path in Old Montreal to the gallery as
part of an exhibition entitled “Debraye” that, lets just say, deals with the
darker side (darker than what you see in car commercials at least) of “car
culture.” The idea was to make a “designer bike-path” that would reflect the
neighbourhood by referencing aesthetic and historical elements within the area.
Anyway, a couple of nights ago I set out with a group of friends to paint a bike
path (a pretty funky bike path albeit) from Quartier Ephemere to de la Commune,
a stretch of about a kilometer or so.

The sureal feeling of spray
paiting the street with the aid of pilons provided by the City of Montreal while
police cruisers passed unblinkingly by was heightened by the presence of a
growing group of on-lookers who soon turned the event into a bit of a street
party, complete with beer and pizza.

The court date for the 51 counts
of mischief that I still face is scheduled for January 17th. Truth is indeed
stranger than fiction. Oh yeah, I’m going to Normandy,France in September to hit
the streets there as part of a short film festival. Will let you know how it
goes. Hope life is good, RW”

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