• February 22, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

The other day we received

The other day we received an email that began as
follows: “We are a group of Colombian artists that live in Barcelona. The group
is called “Joystick”. The web site is
still only in Spanish, but we are working on the translation…  Our latest
project is called Joystickers, and we are doing it for the “Sound Art Festival
of Barcelona” "http://ocaos.cccb.org/zeppelin2003/index.html">“Zeppelin”, February 25th.” 

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As we investigated further, we learned that Joystickers
is a project where people are invited to find places in downtown Barcelona that
they find interesting specifically because of the sounds that are produced
there. The Joystickers have created a catalog of over 150 iconic images, from
which the person can choose from to describe the sound at that "http://www.woostercollective.com/images/valldozella.jpg">location. The
images are printed on sticker paper and placed at the "http://www.woostercollective.com/images/borne.jpg">location, “marking” it.
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What we liked most about the
Joystickers project (beyond its name!), was in the way it integrates sound with
street art. This isn’t something we’ve ever seen done before.  The idea of
having stickers come to life audibly and “make sounds” by where they are placed,
we felt was very, very cool.  Now we only wish we were in Barcelona next week,
drinking a bottle Rioja and listening to the Joystickers come to life. 
A very cool idea indeed.