• December 11, 2011
  • Posted by Marc

The Nefelejcs Projekt By Merge Invisible




"We live in Budapest, Hungary. The project was made in the 8th district, in an area of suspicoius reconstructions. Beautiful old buildings are demolished for replacing them with new ugly buildings made of cheap and bad materials. The idea was to create a memorial painting of a demolished building. There are many empty houses and giant firewalls around, so it wasn't hard to select.

We did some research, collected datas from the Budapest City Archives about the building, and asked the neighbours too. So we made the plans of the painting with real measures of the buildings walls, roof and every details, the way it was before. We dicided to make it black and white like an x-ray view of it. We tried to look for possibilities to make it. We had some help from a local gallery, and with their help we asked a few sponsors for materials, helpful volunteers, and scaffolds. The wall was in bad conditions, so the work was really hard, and it was way bigger than we thought. So the expected 4 days of work became a whole week, but it worth for. The neighbours loved the painting, even people from the street came and joined us to paint!"...   Merge Invisible