• April 15, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

the jerm IX tattoo project


From jerm IX in Vancouver:

“thought i’d share my latest project with you. i have donated my body to street artists. i recently put out a call to street artists around the world via flickr and stencilrevolution.com that i was accepting design submissions to be inked to my body, creating a body suit of street art, with the aim of celebrating street artists and their work in a somewhat more permanent form than the ephemeral nature of the streets allow.

i have designs coming from artists i have admired for so long and i am so inspired by the giving nature that seems to be embodied at every stop on the street artist spectrum. From the legends such as Microbo, Miss Van & BISERama to the unsung heroes like starheadboy and cameraman, everyone has been gracious, giving the fact that this is not a ‘sponsored’ project, for lack of a better word…and funds. anyway, i’m getting inked at a pace of at least one sitting a month and would love it if you spread the word and give all of the amazing people and artists on the site a glimpse into the project, so they may become involved if so inclined.

You can see the set as it evolves here.

thanks, love the site.
keep smiling.

jerm IX