• December 27, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

The Girl In The Corner


Agnieszka is a 28 year old artist living in Poznań, Poland. She works at the Academy of Arts in Poznań as an assistant in the graphics workshop. Recently she wanted to place her work in a public space because, as she says, “it is the most honest form of artistic dialog.”

She told us - “Śródka is one of the city’s neighborhoods. Forgoten and deserted. Wondering through the streets of this neighborhood I found a hidden and forgotten courtyard. Extremely small (around 6m2), as if squeezed between tall, dark walls of houses. The place is very small, claustrophobic and filled with voices of pigeons. Frightening and in the same time charming, like taken out from a different world.In one of the corners I placed my white sculpture of a little girl. She was facing the wall with her face hidden in her hands as if she was playing “hide and seek”.
I believe that this work had good response especially from from local society. It gave a lot of joy to local children. That was something! The atmosphere of this little court yard was amazing and I like to think that this little girl was already there, I just gave her a shape and form…”