• November 17, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

The Five Tips From Kiko-Fish



The Five Tips From Kiko-Fish

1. It sounds kinda
cheesey, but, believe in yourself! you aint gonna get shit done if you spend
your whole time doubting yourself.

2. Talk to people, generally
people can be pretty receptive, the more people you talk to, the more likely you
are to get comissions, exhibitons, etc.

3. Always carry the following
things on you: Sketchbook (theyre mad useful, just for sketchin people on the
bus or whatever), a pencil/pen (helps the sketchbook idea work), a digital
camera (theyre small, light, cheap(ish), easy, and theyre great for takin LOADS
of photos with, no need to worry about developing costs) a posca ( everyone
likes a good doodle every now an again), stickers (cant have too many up), your
keys (gettin locked out is no fun kids).

4. Experiment. Youll never
develop if you dont!

5. Go to Barcelona, its warm, cheap, beautiful,
the people are great, and the street art is phenomenal.

6. Get your
work up whenever, wherever possible. And not just in the usual “cool” areas. get
the shitty areas which dont see stencils, pastes and stickers on a daily basis.
the locals will appreciate it much more. (hopefully)

bathroom doors above were painted in cafe 1001 in London.)

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