• May 12, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Sweeeet… THEME’s Pocket Book Featuring Our Ephemera Collection Is Now Out



Starting about 10 years ago, Sara and I started keeping all the little things that you come across, and sometimes throw away, as you dive deeper and deeper into the street art scene - little notes from artists, handmade flyers, stickers, drawings on the backs of old record sleaves… We’ve kept almost everything, tossing it all in boxes that then went to storage. 

While curating on an upcoming issue of THEME magazine (about collecting) Jiae Kim and John Lee approached us about doing a little pocket book showcasing some of our ephemera collection.  We loved the idea and started to open up boxes that haven’t been opened for years.

We’re thrilled that later tonight, THEME Magazine will be giving away our little ephemera book for free to those who attend their terrific “Small Is Beautiful” show here in New York. 

Here’s the info. Hope you can attend:

Small Is Beautiful
An exhibition of dioramas curated by Theme Magazine & Scion, featuring work by:

Jeremy Mora
Lori Nix
Tracey Snelling
Dan Funderburgh
Ji Lee

wall vignettes by
Josh Cochran

Opening Reception
Wednesday, May 12

Murphy and Dine Gallery
520 West 27th Street, NYC / Ground Floor (between 10th and 11th Avenue)

RSVP to receive the premiere issue of Theme Pocket Books featuring Wooster Collective’s ephemera art collection.


Check out for interviews with the artists and images of the dioramas.