• November 13, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Surrender by Luzinterruptus




(Photos by Gustavo Sanabria)

From Luzinterruptus

“We cannot deal with another construction project on our sullen streets, nor another tax on our depleted pockets, therefore we have decided to hoist the white flag and turn ourselves in to see if we receive the humanitarian treatment accorded a prisoner of war, because lately we are not enjoying being ordinary citizens.

It cuts us to the quick to think that this round of projects has not finished and that for the candidature of the 2020 Olympic Games, everything done until now will already be obsolete, if not useless or out of fashion and will have to be started again.

Our symbolic act, Surrender before a possible Madrid 2020, took place on Tuesday the 27th of October and consisted of a walk around some of the most representative and long-lasting public works projects in Madrid, in whose tremendous trenches, we left our lighted white flags.

Our walk finished at the grandiose public projects in Colón, where we unfurled to the wind more than 30 flags, so that everyone who passed, would know that our surrender had been carried out.

Gustavo Sanabria was documenting the action and surrendered with us. Our friend Kaspar helped us at all times and also surrendered, a thousand thanks.

Time of installation: 4 hours.
Damages: none.
Exhibition time: ¿?.”