• March 21, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Street Art Films Tonight in Hereford, UK


Later tonight, Tristan Manco, author of Street Logos and Stencil
Graffiti, will be presenting a series of films with Brad Downey (Darius and
Downey) at the href="http://www.borderlinesfilmfestival.co.uk/events.html">Borderlines Film
in Hereford in the UK.

Here’s some info on the films:

Director: Eko. France, 2003, 7 minutes
See www.ekosystem.org for more information. On the theme of “access”, this short film features over 40 artists worldwide including: Abbominevole, Captain Rouget, Cheba, Eko, El Euro, Flying Fortress, Font, Graffitilovesyou, Opt, Pez, the Plug, Santy, Senor B, Shes 54, Sickboy, Supakitch, Zozen.

Public Discourse
Director: Darius and Brad Downey. USA, 2003, 45 minutes
Features artists such as Darius & Downey, Swoon, Faile, Darius Jones aka Verbs, Bob Dombrowski, JJ Veronis, Shepard Fairy aka Giant aka Obey, Desa, Nato, Ellen Harvey, Jack DeMartino, Adorn, Ewok 5MH, Rate, Oze 108, Nymz, Tore, Buddy Lembeck Brad Downey will be present to discuss his film as will Tristan Manco who runs Tijuana Design (www.tijuanadesign.com) in Bristol. Tristan has written about graffiti and produced album covers (with renowned graffiti artist Banksy) for Blur and Scratch Perverts.