• May 18, 2014
  • Posted by Marc

Stephen Powers On Sign Painting

Since its release on Tuesday, the response to SIGN PAINTERS, Faythe Levine & Sam Macon''s feature length documentary on the artistry and history of the tradition of hand-painted signs, has been incredible. The film is currently the third most popular documentary on iTunes. 

SIGN PAINTERS features a series of fantastic interviews with such luminaries in the sign painting world as Ira Coyne, Bob Dewhurst, Keith Knecht, Norma Jeane Maloney and Stephen Powers.

Over the years we've featured Stephen Powers (aks ESPO) on the Wooster website many times. We wanted to share with you and exclusive clip from the film in which Powers talks about the importance that the tradition of sign painting has on his art.

SIGN PAINTERS is currently available in over 230 countries at signpaintersfilm.com and is now available on iTunes in the US, Canada. UK, AUS, Hong Kong, Ireland, & New Zealand