• December 29, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Stefano Pedrini’s Best of 2005

Favorite Event of 2005:



Favorite Artist of 2005:



Favorite New Artist of 2005 (an artist who you did not know of last year):

Turf one


Favorite Piece of Art of 2005

This awesome view of williamsburg


Favorite New Product or Trend of 2005:

Fruttolo3D sunglasses hand made by my friend oboe (in the pic)


Favorite Toy of 2005:

Maybe it’s a bit older but keeps on rockin’


Favorite CD or Song of 2005:

“Yours to keep” Teddybears Stockholm

Favorite Website of 2005:


What do you most want for Christmas?

An US visa to work in NY for a couple of years : )

How will you be spending the Holiday’s this year?

With my brother in new york city….  /

What will you be doing for New Years Eve?

Dunno i hate the New Years Eve but i think i’m gonna get drunk somewere in LES…

What are you most looking forward to in 2006?

Travelling, Painting,Snowboarding,meetin’ peolpe, enjoy life…

You can see Stefano’s work here.