• November 17, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Sony PSP Ads. What do you think?

On Tuesday we put up some photographs of a series
of chalk drawings on a back street in Pilidelphia. Fun, cute characters. They
looked like something Lolo in Brazil may have done. (Scroll down to see. Also,
search for Lolo on the site to see his work)



Receiving over 300 emails a day, it’s become impossible to
look closely at every thing we put up. Clearly we should have noticed that each
of the characters was holding a Sony PSP. How could we not have. But even if we
had, would we have thought that this was done by Sony? Probably. But maybe not.
There’s no Sony logo. No text. No clever URL. Just the characters.

this morning when we were walking up 7th Avenue today we saw the following wheat


Obviously they are
the same thing as the alley graf in Phili. Obviously not done by a street
artist. Abviously done by Sony and their ad agency.

We’ve written a
lot about advertising and street art colliding. Both the good campaigns and the
bad campaigns. We’d love to hear your opinions on this campaign. Is it
effective? Did they do a good job?

(Our take - we like it. why? more
on this later)