• July 4, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Silencio - The Vitals:Age: 22


Silencio - The Vitals:

/>Age: 22
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Where do you now live?: Same same
How long
have you been creating street art?:
Graff since 1994-5 and then it’s
just been expanding ever since.
What did you do last night?:
Went to some friends house, got drunk and ended up in a great party
having fun as hell
What is your favorite thing to eat for
My dads and sisters food, anytime
Who is your
favorite fictional character?:
All Marvel Comics characters
/>What do you currently have in your pockets?: Some receipts
from last night, spare change, hanger clips, a hole where all my money
If you were given “more time,” what would you do with
Paint, see my family some more and just live
Who do
you love?:
My dear family and friends and this girl from last night I
can’t get out of my head


Silencio - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How did you get started
in creating art for the street?

Silencio: This kid
I was friend with introduced me to graff, and I got hooked. He ended up quitting
after he got caught, but I kept on searching and exploring. Now things have
changed for me, and I’m mainly doing other stuff, but I’ll always have the love
for graff. No doubt

Wooster: Why Silencio?
Silencio:  It’s a reminder of not just to talk, but to
produce, think and enjoy through actions instead

What other street artists do you most admire and why?

/>Silencio: This guy here from Denmark, href="http://www.kopenhagen.dk/international/interviewsint/danebod0403.html">Jan
rocks in anything he produces, paintings, installation, posters,
just anything, To many writers, painters and architects to mention them all, but
it makes me happy when people go their own way, believing in their thing and not
giving a fuck.

Wooster: What’s your favorite city,
neighborhood, or block, to post and/or to see street art?

/>Silencio:  I’ll do it all, love both nature and urbanity, but
Mexico is always a hit worth

Wooster: What inspires
you now?

Silencio:  La mota, summertime and those
dropdead nice girls here in Copenhagen

What are you currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peek?
Silencio:  I’ve just finished this long show in a club
here, and looking forward to try some other stuff. Might paint some more canvas
and go make crazy streetpaintings. Just have fun

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