• May 5, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Shit We’re Diggin’:  The Papergirl Project

“In our over-juried, overexposed, over-hyped land of art and design it’s refreshing to see an art event that not only has no jury, but also gives away the pieces in an “unprejudiced” way to anyone near the bike path. Born out of a reaction to recent changes regarding Berlin’s vandalism laws, Papergirl rallies artists and cyclists to distribute rolls of paper art (posters, prints, etc.) to unsuspecting Berliners.”... Sezio.

We absolutely love Berlin’s Papergirl project founded by the original Papergirl, Aisha Ronniger. It’s these types of actions that make cities “livable”.  Our hope is that Papergirls and Paperboys will be in cities all over the world this Summer.  You can read a terrific overview here on Sezio. And be sure to check out the Papergirl website here.

Papergirl #3 from Papergirl on Vimeo.