• May 17, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Shit We’re Diggin:  The Bruce High Qualilty Foundation


One of our favorite artists collectives is Bruce High Quality Foundation.  If you’re not familiar with their “Public Sculpture Tackles” here’s their artists statement:

“Public sculpture is not merely a designed fight against the elements of nature, it is also a fight against people, against rambunctious children, graffiti writers, pigeon poop, and the homeless.  It is the very character of public sculpture to be, first and foremost, on defense.  The cube tilted on its corner is but the most obvious example of a defensive design approach to art’s engagement with the public.

The series of photographs, Public Sculpture Tackle, documents another approach to public art – the design of failure.  Artists dressed in makeshift athletic uniforms and padding leap and lunge against a number of different public sculptures in Manhattan.  In a contest between individualistic energy and engineered public adornment, we all know who will win.

Ad Reinhardt, understanding the full paradox of the eternal aspirations of art, titled one of his nearly black paintings, Timeless Painting, 1960.  It is this continuing contest between timelessness and timeliness that forms the context for the Public Sculpture Tackle series.  The photographs hold fast the humor and pathos of a moment when art does what it does – whatever we ought not bother trying, or as Bruce might have it – the impossible.”