• March 2, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Shit We’re Diggin: FIRExRD in Guangzhou



From NeochaEDGE we learn about the Guangzhou, China-based street-art collective FIRExRD. The site explains the new work above:

“The new poster design is titled “Go!Go!Fighter!” and features their signature “Big Doll Head” (大头娃娃) character. The “Big Doll Head” inspiration comes from full-head masks that were formerly popular at major celebrations and parades in China. The use of this Chinese prop has declined, but like many of the best Chinese creatives we cover, FIRExRD are bringing back this uniquely traditional Chinese symbol in a modern way.”

You can read NeochaEDGE’s interview with FIRExRD here.