• December 28, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Seen On The Streets of Tehran




Each day when we check our email we’re constantly amazed by the diversity of nationalities and cultures of the people who contact us.  We agree with Blek Le Rat when he says that urban art (his definition for the graffiti movement and how it has evolved) is the most powerful art movement in history, primarily from the fact that there isn’t a city in the world that today doesn’t have some form of graffiti or street art.

One of the most interesting email correspondences we’ve maintained this year is with a group of Iranian graffiti writers living in Tehran.  While the communication hasn’t been easy, every time we open an email from A1one we feel like the reason for updating the Wooster site has been re-confirmed to us. 

The images above were sent to us a week or so ago with the line - “It was th worst work in Tehran,,, some about Mind Control by Our Gov ,aome a teasand joke with the Voting which is in friday to choose Islamic leaders comity..”