• February 9, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Ryan Dooley’s All City Animation Project

all city animation project, video 1, Milano

From Ryan Spring Dooley:

“I just finished the first of my all city animation projects, an 850 drawing long film looking at Milan and trying to capture it’s current spirit, a bit broken.  The film touches on recent repression in Milan, Italy and some hopeful ways around it, check out the final cut, it has been projected in neighborhoods highly affected by recent
re-gentrification and cultural cleansing.  many underground venues and occupied houses, artists cooperatives and unique local institutions have been literally destroyed in preparation for the 2015 worlds fair. Local governments are boasting about having expelled 1300 people of color in recent months using military and police in a way never expected from a contemporary democracy.  If there is anyone interested in the current situation in italy, please consult the website of a historic cultural site painted by Blu, being forced to close by police,  http://cox18.noblogs.org/