• September 15, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

RONE’s You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice



From time to time we’ve highlight instances of brands biting (ie ripping off) the illustrations and designs of various artists, some street artists, some not.  It’s an important subject, but a difficult one to cover on the Wooster site because it’s almost a full time job managing all of the different sides to the story. It’s a tricky subject.  Do street artists lose copyright and control of a work when they put it up on the street?  Is everything fair game (In our minds, no)


we’re really pleased that RONE from Stencil Revolution has started a website called You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice as a way to expose all the stealing that goes on from the street to the design community.

Check the site out because as it grows you will be shocked to see how many times blatant rip-offs happen.