• April 25, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Roadsworth’s Apple Tree





From Roadsworth:

“This is something that was done for earth day here in Quebec. Stayed up all night with a couple of friends painting this apple tree or at least a branch thereof representing the various stages of the tree’s development or at least from budding through fruit stages. Not that it would stand up to any kind of botanical rigor but you get the idea. Just as we were applying the final touches, the mayor and other political types including the leader of the Bloc Quebecois (or is it the Parti Quebecois?) showed up to plant a tree and a photo op. I had to pose for the cameras beside one of the trees in question, covered in paint, cracked out from no sleep. While no stranger to the media (here in Quebec it’s not hard to get media attention-we’ve got our own star system here and Cruise and Holmes are not even in the top 50) this was a little much. Can we at least get some makeup over here. I’ve got snot smeared all over my face and it looks like I’ve pissed my pants (i didn’t though I swear). I was just starting to break the top 100 here in Quebec but I can forget about it now.”