• December 9, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: shn


shn - The Vitals:

Age: 25
americana - S.P. - brasil
Where do you now live?:
sao paulo - S.P. - brasil
How long have you been creating
street art?:
over two years
What did you do last night?:
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?:
Who is your favorite fictional character?:
bob cuspe
What do you currently have in your pockets?:
atomic brush
If you were given “more time,” what would you
do with it?:
sell it
Who do you love?: someone

shn - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How
did you get started in creating art for the street?

src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images/shn2.jpg" align=
"left">shn: since i knew that the street art and others human
interferences were extremely important for the configuration of the contemporean
urban landscapes all aroud the world as a virus or parasites that take places
and give to then some kind of freedom, some kind of identity. simbols, icons,
art in its function are about to comunicate diferent cultures, inside the same
sistem! the global city!

Wooster: What other street
artists do you most admire and why?

shn:  i think
every signal of urban adaptation glads me . some people have languages that call
my attention giving some real influence in my experiences because of their
autenticity and independence! are they: influenza - toasters - space invaders -
bansky - shepard farey - calma - el tono - acamonchi - base v - esm -  daze -
cruz - BL4CKH4M - tofer - space 3 - so many others…..........

/>Wooster: What’s your favorite city, neighborhood, or block,
to post and/or to see street art?

shn:  in all its
extencion : sao paulo S.P brasil

Wooster: What
inspires you now?

shn:  happenings - less is more
Wooster: What are you currently working on?  Can you
give us a sneak peek?

shn:  some kind of art that is
made to comunicate/integrate and entertain the user of urban space and its
sistems, like a dialog !!!an art with a space for public interventions! to
people fell part of it at least for a moment!!!!! but allways making some others
experiences, and producing materials!!!!!!

Visit shn’s fotolog at href="http://www.fotolog.net/shn">www.fotolog.net/shn



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