• October 7, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Profile : Paris

Paris is a highly prolific Bristol-based artist
pushing the proverbial envelope in all fields of design and graffiti. New
posters and pieces can be discovered in far flung corners of Bristol on a weekly
or daily basis.

This summer has been a particularly prolific one for
him and his crews - TCF (Twentieth Century Frescoes) & Wet Shame (a more
experimental collective with EKO and Mudwig). They have taken part in shows and
jams across the UK and Europe including ‘Meeting of Styles’ in Switzerland,
Apart Gallery, London, Postex in Brighton and Doodlebug in Manchester to name a
few. For more Wet Shame check out: http://www.kuildoosh.com

He sent
us a few snaps of some of these missions.

src="/guests/tristan/2a-apartgallery.jpg" border="0" width="360" height="208"
vspace="3" />
Pink vinyl sticker from Apart Gallery Show.
src="/guests/tristan/2a-doodlebug.jpg" border="0" width="360" height="252"
vspace="3" />
Doodling with Wet Shame @ Doodlebug, Manchester.
src="/guests/tristan/2a-detail.jpg" border="0" width="360" height="267"
vspace="3" />
Hand-cut vinyl sticker.

Posters with
shameful wetness.
width="360" height="306" vspace="3" />
Wet Shame declaration.

After a busy summer I caught up with him to ask the famous Wooster vital

Paris: The Vitals:

/>Age: 29
Hometown: Kingston upon Hull, YORKSHIRE, NORTHEAST
Where do you now live? Breeestol
How long have you been
creating street art?
15 years
What did you do last night? got
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? chicken or fish
served up in a delightful way.
Who is your favorite fictional
The dude from the book “perfume”
What do you currently
have in your pockets?
rice an peas!!
If you were given “more time,”
what would you do with it?
do it right
Who do you love?

Paris: The Q’s

How did you
get started in creating art for the street?

winter night missions in my
puma traccy back in 1988

What other street artists do you most
admire and why?

My crew (Wet Shame), barnstormers, will barras, mr
jago, satone, hnt, kid acne ,alexone, world signs….originality, consistency, &
no-one else comes close.

What’s your favorite city, neighborhood,
or block, to post and/or to see street art?

Bristols ok,Londons good as
stuff stays up, I dont think I’ve found my perfect place yet. Must travel

What inspires you now?
Wierd and wonderful things
& strange music, also the Wet Shame Manifesto….

What are you
currently working on?  Can you give us a sneak peek?

Interiors &
Exteriors= interioexterios X