• May 25, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: Miles


/>Age: 21
Hometown: Melbourne
/>Where do you now live?: Melbourne
Where would
you most like to live?:
Barcelona, NYC, London, but good old Melbs aint
that bad
Who were your first “heros” in life?: Inspector
Gadget and Astro Boy
What is your favorite thing to do on your day
off from work?:
Sleep, dream, draw, laugh, love
What is
your favorite color?:
The colour of my old and faded black AC/DC
Who (or what) do you love?: God, my little girl,
family and friends


/>Who and/or what are some of your influences?

/>Wildlife, decay, children’s picture books, old books, Melbourne’s
alleys and laneways

What other artists do you most

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Duane Michals, The
London Police, The Flower Guy, Howard Arkley, Joy Hester, Dondi, HNT, L’Atlas,
Akroe, Snog, Histree, Ropes and all of the Melbourne guys



/>How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

What other talent would most
like to have?

To be able to save money


/>What do you fear the most?

9am - 5pm behind a

What is your greatest ambition?

/>To always honour the gifts i have been given



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