• March 4, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: le pigeon


/>Age: 24
Hometown: Grenoble (France)
/>Where do you now live?: Grenoble (France)
would you most like to live?:
Trafalgar Square (London)
/>Who was your first “hero” in life?: My father
/>What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?:
to feed my home pigeon, and clean the roof where they live.
/>What is your favorite color?: grey
Who (or what)
do you love?:
walking at night time


/>Why pigeons?

Because they are dirty, nobody like
them, because everybody us to live with them (in the city) and with the time
had completly forgotten that they are here (banality), for me pigeon is like
graffiti . I think at this time everybody to not take care about tag, it became

Who and/or what are some of your influences?

The travel

What other artists
do you most admire?

Philippe Meste, David linch, Larry
clark, jean michel basquiat, Chilly Gonzales,Renaud sechan,  O’clock, Quentin
tarantino, Geoff Mc Fetridge, Dondy white, henry chalfant, Jim


/>How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?
I am doing “pigeon” to open your eyes, and make you discover
what is around you everyday that you have forgotten to see : Roofs, walls,
abandonned spaces, bridges, light roads etc..

What other
talent would most like to have?

I do not consider
“pigeon” like a talent” , but i would like to ride bycicle without no

What do you fear the most?


What is your greatest ambition?
That everybody be more ambitious.



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