• June 9, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: Igy Igy from Odessa


/>Age: I am young man, only 16
Odessa, that’s in Ukraine
Where do you now live?: Now I’m
living here, in my native town… I love Odessa..
Where would you
most like to live?:
Most I would like to live in Germany. Somewhere in
south of Germany, maybe in Munich.
Who was your first “hero” in
Tom&Jery. I was 4 years old when my father showed this cartoons
to me. I looked them every day. Then was Peter Pan, but not American, our, that
was in USSR realesed. I still remember all songs from this film!!!
/>What is your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?:
I never be so busy, like when I’m free.(Aphorism by Ciceron) I like to go for a
walk. In summer(when it’s awfully hot) I like with my friends to go at sea. I
like to go to the country with my friends, with guitar… It’s so romantic… In
general, like ever sane man, when my day is off from work I like to relax.
/>What is your favorite color?: Red Yellow Green<<

< Jah,


/>Who (or what) do you love?:

Best of all I love my
girlfriend. I can’t live without her!!! She is so fascinating!!! And, of course,
I love my parents… I love my cat(he is so stupid), I love my computer (of
course programming, C++. Hello, Arkadi!!!). In free time I love to stick. I love
my school. I love…....

Who and/or what are some of
your influences?

Everything around… Profession of
builder(look at my hammers, axes, vents), anarchist(there are too much of them
in our town)... In short, everything, that we can see in our

What other artists do you most admire?
Everybody… I would like to distinguish: Eko (his system href="http://www.ekosystem.org">www.ekosystem.org),You(www.woostercollective
.com), G, Freaklub, 108, Banksy,Bild,Flying Fortress,Bitch(EWCrew),The London
Police, Buky Lasek, Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Zero Team, Kareem Campbell…. it
is hard to remember all…

How would you describe your
art to someone who could not see it?

Good, let’s go, it
is not far,  I’ll show it to you…

What other talent
would most like to have?

play guitar, better draw,

What do you fear the most?

/>lose all: my girlfriend, my friends, my parents

/>What is your greatest ambition?

Look for that,
what is higher then the same you can find.