• March 13, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: C100


/>Age: 29
Hometown: Munich, Germany
/>Where do you now live?: Munich, Germany
would you most like to live?:
Somewhere in the Caribic
was your first “hero” in life?:
Captain Future
What is
your favorite thing to do on your day off from work?:
Doing any kind of
art, riding my BMX, meeting my girl
What is your favorite color?:
Who (or what) do you love?: My girl &
friends & family & my dog


/>Who and/or what are some of your influences?

(anything with a solid beat), daily situations, other artists work: my
Backyard10 collegues, Faile, Buro Destruct, TDR, NON FORMAT, Insect, Viagrafik,
Rinzen, the FKCs, Seven Nine, Scrawl Collective, Zara Hadid, Banksy, Zeds, Sol
Crew, so many streetartists,...........

What other
artists do you most admire?

Leonardo Da

How would you describe your art to someone who
could not see it?

you see some very strange characters
in different life situations.

What other talent would
most like to have?

more patience

/>What do you fear the most?

George W Bush being
President for the second time

What is your greatest

good music

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