• May 19, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Profile: Breanne Trammell


/>Age: 23
Hometown: Fairfield, California
(between SF & Sac)
Where do you now live?: Fort Worth,
Where would you most like to live?: Hmmm. I’d do the
big city or the country. NYC vs. Montana or something like that—I’d like
both. Or the beach. Or Italy.
Who was your first “hero” in life?:
My grandmothers - Virgie & Janita
What is your favorite
thing to do on your day off from work?:
Eat a bagel, thrift for stuff I
probably don’t need or have space for, work on work, sew, get shit done, sleep
in FOR SURE, sit on my porch, knit.
What is your favorite
A combination of brown-pink-red.
Who (or what) do
you love?:
Baby animals that I can kiss on the nose, attention to
detail, good pens, my station wagon, musicmusicmusic, AmAnSet, Smith’s Rosebud
Salve, buttons, diagrams, my friends & fam.


/>Who and/or what are some of your influences?

/>Everyday things. nature, repetition, family photographs, good line
quality, handwriting, images of the Virgin Mary & Baby J, good songwriters,
vintage stuff: fabric/cookbooks/knick knacks, my nana Virgie & the
people that I list below—>

What other artists do you
most admire?

So so many. Here is a semi-short list:
Jenny Hart, Sophie Calle, Evan Hecox, Duane Michals, Lorna Simpson, Tracey Emin,
Raymond Pettibon, Alice Neel, Joseph Cornell, Wes Anderson, Laurie DeMartino,
Paul Bonelli, Duchamp, Rauschenberg/Warhol/Basquiat & a few more I’ve been
diggin’ recently: TM squared, Bone, Michael Sieben, Susie Ghahremani, Kelly
Jones, Keren Richter, Jessica Williams. Oh, and there is some really cool
knitted stuff at the Whitney Biennial, but I can’t remember the

How would you describe your art to someone who
could not see it?

Mostly printmaking/collage on & with
fabric, sometimes stuffed. Kinda like taxidermy for printmaking, without the
death part.


/>What other talent would most like to have?

Well, I
never learned how to ollie, so that. or to play the piano.

/>What do you fear the most?

Eye/hand/limb injuries.
The election.

What is your greatest ambition?
Be happy, keep on keepin’ on & all that junk.



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