• June 23, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

ProfiIe: IRS1


/>Age: 33
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
/>Where do you now live?: Brooklyn, NYC
would you most like to live?:
Small, solid building on an Island in
Caribbean, stocked with tons of books, good food and liquor, hundreds of sheets
of smooth maple plywood and a giant box full of acrylics and brushes- But only
in between trips to Brazil, Morocco, The Andes, Baja, etc.
Who was
your first “hero” in life?:
Whoever could kill those goddamn
Sleestaks! God damn them!
What is your favorite thing to do on
your day off from work?:
Paint, hang with my kids, and Explore NYC
/>What is your favorite color?: Some crazy, deep. intense shade
of green-blue. But not teal.
Who (or what) do you love?:
My family, Art and making more of it, goin fun places.



/>Who and/or what are some of your influences?

parents, Legos, Massimo & Lela Vignelli, Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain, Mr. Grey
(designed the Planter’s Peanut Man), Norman Rockwell (crazy crisp layouts),
Stephen Hawking is smart. Douglas Adams (RIP), Berkeley Breathed.

What other artists do you most admire?

Close, Swoon, Adam Neate, Charles Demuth, Gustav Klimpt, Gaston Lachaise, Edward
Hopper, MF Doom/Mad Villain

How would you describe your
art to someone who could not see it?

A lot of my style
flows from habits learned as a sign maker- one of my first jobs. So- person who
cannot see my work: If you take your hands, and run them over a street sign,
you’ll feel the edges of the vinyl letters, and alot of white space between
them. A lot of my work is like that- relatively bold, using large blocks of
color or white space, offset by small areas of denser, high-detail handiwork. As
for colors: I love intense, often tertiary colors. Try eating an orange, some
kiwi fruits, a star fruit, a pommegranate, maybe a banana. Then chew on a flat-
head thumbtack- carefully- bending the point over sideways between your teeth.
Its hard, metallic, sharp, and the metal should leave tiny traces of flaked
chrome-plating stuck to your tongue. This should help you to get a sense of what
I am going for taste-wise. Pretty, offset by gritty.



/>What other talent would most like to have?

I wish
I knew how to use all that cool high-tech music gear. I’d have my own studio.
You should hear the kind of music I’d put out! If I only knew how to

What do you fear the most?

/>Organized Religion/Big Governement

What is
your greatest ambition?

To get successful enough not to
have to work at any job I dont want to do, and to Hit the Road.



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