• May 15, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Over 100 Artists Come Together To Help Sarah


One of the best things about doing the Wooster site is that we get to meet some incredible people. 

Our friend Harlan at No New Enemies  is hosting a charity event for an extremely good cause - to raise the money for a second ear surgery for a young girl named Sarah. Sarah was born almost deaf and recently got a cochlear implant in her right ear, which helps her hear sounds she never realized existed. The second implant in her left ear has been scheduled for 2009, but since medical insurance will only cover one operation, she’ll have to pay the full 25.000 euro bill all by herself.


To help her out, the wonderful artist Ephameron has brought together work from over 100 artist in a fantastic book all the proceeds going to Sarah’s operation.


You can learn more about the auction here and the full scope of the project here.